ZRA Angers Copperbelt Drivers

ZRA Angers Copperbelt Drivers

The Copperbelt this morning was left motionless as plenty commuters were left stranded after Copperbelt Drivers staged a protest over high Zambia Revenue Authorities (ZRA).

According to Press release by Public Service Vehicle (PSV) , numerous minibus drivers left a multitude of commuters stranded after they staged a boycott from work.

The drivers are firmly demanding that ZRA should revisit its license renewal fees which was at K150 and has since been obnoxiously raised to K600.

“How can we reach our designated destinations if our mode of transport is cut off? Most of us don’t own private vehicles and we solely rely on public transport. We are deprived of electricity almost the whole day now we can’t even have access to transport? What is next now? I am fed up with what is happening in Zambia. What is this? Government should pull up their socks other wise Zambia will be completely shattered,” narrated one stranded Zambian.

However, Jacked up commuters mobilized other means of transport to ferry them to work. Canters and other open vans were used in the process.

“ZRA is being used by PF as a means to raise money for campaign. PF government is desperate and is using all sorts of tricks to siphon funds from Zambians in a quick scheme to stay in power next year at the expense of Zambians. Only recently The Post Newspaper was raided by ZRA over gigantic sums, which they themselves perpetuated. I am disappointed in Edgar Lungu. The lad should use his brains, I thought his a lawyer by profession. Lawyers are naturally bright. Bane [friends] don’t make Zambians suffer like this,” Mathew Zulu said amidst the fracas of being stranded.