Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly Pageant Is Back

Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly Pageant Is Back.

Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly Pageant is back after the contest took a hiatus last year due to sponsorship challenges. Zimbabwe’s “ugliest men” will battle it out on the 24th of October in Harare and “thirteen people so far have signed up for participation in this year’s edition,” NewsDay reported.

Mr. Ugly Pageant contest organizer David Machowa said the reigning Mr. Ugly, William Masvinu (picture above) will contest but, “judging by the looks of the other contestants, it was going to be a tough contest”.

Masvinu, is the reigning 2013 Mr. Ugly after he successfully retained the title he won the previous year, pocketing $100 for his looks.

Masvinu has previously noted that his looks are a “gift from God” and when he first heard about the contest he knew he would dominate. The reigning Mr. Ugly has in the past bragged that, “Mr. ugliness comes naturally to me and although I [do] a bit to prepare for the show, I let them do the rest,” he told Allafrica.com.