Zesco ups capacity to supply Lundazi, Chama

Zesco ups capacity to supply Lundazi, Chama

By Abawelo Zulu

ZESCO says it now has capacity to supply electricity to Lundazi and Chama which are currently fed by Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi.

And ZESCO says it will put up another alternative line on 330 KV Pensulo line.

Speaking during the launch of the first-ever customer day of the year for key customers at Protea Hotel recently, ZESCO division manager for Southern region Wilbroad Chanda said Chipata had an excess of 90 MVA capacity installed.

“Now with the coming of the 132 KV voltage in Chipata, we now have capacity to actually supply Lundazi and Chama from here. As you know, Lundazi and Chama we are still getting (power) from ESCOM and there are issues there with power. Most of the time in Lundazi, they have problems of outages,” Chanda said.

He said the contract was already signed for the project of extending power from Chipata to Lundazi in phase one.

And Chanda said there was a plan to build another line to create redundancy for the 330 KV power line from Pensulo to Eastern Province.

“This means that you have two lines coming into Eastern Province, then in case we have a problem on one, you should survive on the other one, the same thing we have done with transformers now,” said Chanda.

ZESCO senior manager for demand side management Thomas Sinkamba said the utility had a very good voltage system after the upgrading of the 330 KV line.

Sinkamba said the issue of low voltage in most parts of the province had been dealt with.

During the same event, ZESCO customers asked various questions about the operations of the power utility and were in turn given feedback.