ZESCO Failed Power Supply From An Engineering Perspective

ZESCO Failed Power Supply From An Engineering Perspective.

Lets face the facts. ZESCO Ltd making the nation dark, well that is not a surprise. The water levels being low, well we don’t know how true that is but from an engineering perspective, their generators are worn out and cannot withstand the increased power demand.

ZESCO has a total approximate power capacity of 1700MW of which 990MW is supplied from 4generators at the Kafue gorge. These generators are run by turbines and water and produce the electricity power we get.

The current situation is that ZESCO is having a deficit of power from the 990Mw making it very hard to cope up with the large demand of electricity by its consumers.Equipment eventually wears out and trust me when I say the generators have overworked their time and this is the result. I Am no politician but am an Engineer who understands machinery and electricity.

ZESCO being a parastatal company and having revenues from its exports can’t fail to purchase new equipment for power generation efficiency. Its high time the monopoly ZESCO enjoys was competed against because reliability and safety in power supply is now a major challenge for them.

I don’t blame them, this countries population has doubled to above half in a decade or so and the coming up with new mining companies in North Western provinces, its really hard to fit everyone into the system.

Its high time, they embarked on major projects that will look at diversifying power generation and including new power supply companies. Zambia is blessed with abundant resources and electricity can be produced from wind, solar, coal and many others.

The coming up of Maamba collieries with a capacity of 300MW correct me if am wrong will surely make them open their eyes and including in Companies like CEC that have projects of opening up their own power stations.

Its sad that our government thinks us engineers can fail to run these operations when we are well equipped with knowledge and eagerness to explore our knowledge. It is sad. This country needs to wake up.
It is sad to say that Zambia still lives in Napoleon’s error when folks around the world live in the 21st Century. How can we run out of water when we have a multitude of water bodies? How stupid are we? Do we surely need a white man to come and tell us to build another hydroelectric dam?In order to foster development we need thinkers! Surely how can Government Officials as educated as they claim to be just stand there with their worm infested potbellies blame the whole situation on God? Claiming this god-forsaken situation to be as a result of nature? How stupid is that? And by the way, where are the meteorologists to read the weather fore cast? How could they have not known that Zambia would experience low rainfall? Who is sleeping on their duty?

Let me explain something to you as a Son Of Africa in this new generation of young independent minds. The nation of Zambia and its people are still in its infancy intellectually, psychologically and morally. Our problems start from the State House. Our beloved President’s Home. After 51 years of independence how can a President of a newly born republic still stay in the house of his former oppressors? That is just plain proof that shows that even though we are not under colonial rule, our spirits and minds are still incarcerated.

We need to create 10 or more Hydroelectric Power Stations like Kariba Dam so that Zambia shall not face these problems in the future and we also need to explore the other sources of generating power like wind, solar etc.

They say only a fool never learns from his mistakes. I hope the people of Zambia have grown and learnt from this life teaching experience. May the good Lord be with Zambia.

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