ZB cuts beer prices in ‘summertime’ promo

ZB cuts beer prices in ‘summertime’ promo.

By Prince Lubanga

ZAMBIAN Breweries has reduced the recommended retail price of its clear beer by 50 ngwee and K2 in recognition of current tough economic challenges being faced by the consumers.

And ZB managing director Annabelle Degroot has cautioned beer
consumers to avoid drink-driving and instead find alternative means of transport in case they decide to drink.

Announcing the cut in beer prices yesterday, Degroot said the price cut was a summertime promotion.

“We do recognise the tough times people are going through and as we are now in the festive period, we thought we should reduce the prices of the beers as a Christmas and New Year present to our valued customers,” Degroot said.

She also confirmed that there were plenty of stocks of all the
company’s products countrywide and there should be no reason for panic-buying.

Degroot, however, cautioned people to drink responsibly during the festive season.

“They should take care, avoid drink-driving and find alternative means of transport in case they decide to drink,” Degroot said.

She said Castle, Mosi, Carling Black Label 750ml packs would now cost K10 from K12; the Eagle Lager 750ml pack will be sold for K6, reduced from the previous price of K8, while the Eagle Lager 375ml size will be priced at K4 from K4.50.

Degroot said irresponsible drinking and drink-driving posed a danger not only to those drinking the alcohol but also to those who were not.

“We understand that during the Christmas and New Year period, people enjoy partying. We do urge them not to drink and drive, however. Anyone planning to consume alcohol should make alternative transport arrangements such as booking a taxi or letting someone who has abstained from drinking drive them instead,” Degroot said.

“Driving while drunk can cause poor judgment on the road. It is
important that precautionary measures are in place whenever people are celebrating during the festive season. Even though we are in the business of beer production, we don’t want lives to be lost as a result of carelessness or drink-driving.”

She added that ZB would be working with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) by providing breathalysers to help curb drink-driving.

Degroot further appealed to bar owners and bar tenders not admit under-age individuals or sell alcohol to them.