Zambia’s Over-dependence On Copper Kills Other Sectors – Munalula

Zambia’s Over-dependence On Copper Kills Other Sectors – Munalula.

The only way we as “Zambia” know how to make money is through the sales of copper. When copper prices go down or the metal loses value, we sob like strategy-less sex workers whose brothels have been shut down.

Our minds are stagnant and only focused on copper (imigodi) when there are a million other ways of making money. They say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Zambia needs people who think beyond copper production. We need think tanks. Our economy is struggling in the emergency room and only us “Zambians” have the ability to revive it.

I agree with what Chief Musungwa of the Ila speaking people of Itezhi-tezhi said.

“If we talk of Namwala and Itezhi-tezhi and other parts of the country with many cows, we are talking about thousands of liters of milk. If we had factories that could process this milk into other products, we were going to be getting a lot of forex and we would grow our economy within the shortest possible time”, said Chief Musungwa.

This is the time that calls for cooperation and brainstorming. It is not only the government’s job to do all the work, but it is every Zambian’s duty to work hard and make Zambia better.