Zambians offload frustrations with Lungu on Kalaba’s Facebook page

Zambians offload frustrations with Lungu on Kalaba’s Facebook page

By Mwape Mbwelela

ZAMBIANS have emptied their frustrations on President Edgar Lungu after a picture of his tour of the Garden of Gethsemane in Israel was posted on Facebook.

President Lungu was on a five-day state visit to Israel and among places he and the eight ministers who accompanied him visited included the Tomb where Jesus Christ was laid to rest after he was crucified.

Minutes after foreign affairs minister Kalaba posted the picture where he wrote, ‘In the garden of Gethsemane with my boss’, angry responses were seen from his followers, most of which targeted President Lungu.

E-J Jonathan Chipatala: Taking a thief to church doesn’t make him holy, so is taking a dog into a bush to make it a wolf. Corruption, oppression, beating and killing innocent citizens continue and you pretend everything is alright!
Bright Mwanza: Enjoy while we suffer at your expense with your boss…

Michael Mwanza: Okay nice pictures. Enjoy with the boss, remember that’s our [taxpayer’s] money. On your way back, please pass through Malawi and bring our maize.

Kombe Mwape: you are in a right place at a wrong time…come and fix our economy first…our cars are being damaged because of the bad roads but you care less because u ride in planes, choppers and V8s…We are now forced to spend more on our cars’ maintenance because the wear and tear on them has increased, which means less money in our pockets. Wasting taxpayer’s money.

Topher Cee Kan: Bakandile (greedy people), you can say that and keep on posting those pics [pictures] but please remember that you and your boss have left poor people’s land but God knows that I am not going to vote for you again.

Holyfield Bashi-Tasheni Mumba: And this is how you Harry Kalaba and your villain of a boss are wasting time using taxpayers’ money. Of what benefit is this your visit to Israel if not only to learn about wars and how to kill innocent people, especially those who oppose you? What’s in Israel that you even took a bloated entourage just to take photos and post on FB? You mean State House is no longer enough for your photos and pleasure and glamorous lifestyle at the expense of the poor?

Gab Van Crush Fumpa: What will you bring back to Zambia? Your boss has been moving up and down going to different countries but we are unable to see any changes in terms of the economy in the country.

In less than an hour, Kalaba’s wall was flooded with more than 1,200 comments, the majority of whom expressed displeasure with President Lungu’ s government.

David M Libuwa: Enjoying huge travelling allowances while the majority of Zambian citizens are swimming in poverty and suffering high taxation…Surprisingly, that trip of yours is comprised of many ministers and government officials plus the President at the cost of we Zambians. Enjoy while you can honourable, but remember that it won’t last forever.

Evans Kubi: Lovely pictures. I just pray the trip is changing hearts of many people in your entourage. We expect them to sober up or else it’s mockery of the holy land.
Albert Tambule: Are you there as tourists or you are there for developmental activities that will help our country? Coz yesterday you visited Jesus’ tomb, today you are in Gethsemane, I don’t know where you are going tomorrow.

Rodgers Kameya Manjomba: That’s good but advise your regime to reverse all retirements and transfers based on tribal lines. This action alone will forever be a precedence that shall haunt future governments for years to come. If you could do that for the affected, I will forever appreciate your action even if I remained retired being a victim. God bless you all.