Zambians obsessed with sex – Dr Mujajati

Zambians obsessed with sex – Dr Mujajati

By Prosper Miyoba

DR AARON Mujajati says Zambians have become overly obsessed with sex resulting in the proliferation of unconventional sexual enhancing substances.

Dr Mujajati, the president of the Medical Association of Zambia, said there was a booming market for unconventional concoctions which were believed to boost an array of sexual prowess.

Among the most sought after concoctions include those for increasing the size and efficacy of the penis, tightening vaginas, increasing bums and hips of women, all in a quest to satisfy sexual fantasies.

Dr Mujajati said this on Thursday morning when he contributed to the Radio Phoenix breakfast show discussing the proliferation of chemicals and concoctions said to alter sexual organs and enhance performance.

“Penis enlargement products whether its cream, whether its things that people drink and all sorts of other conventional means…what we notice is that yes, there are side effects to these things and the public needs to be made aware that there are some health risks that come with some of those creams some people are using,” Dr Mujajati said.

“Those creams are not proven to do the work they were purported to do and that is why as a fraternity, we are frightened at the scale of interest in using these creams and also the scale in having a large manhood.”

He, however, said there were proven methods of both penis and hips enlargement that could be used by people unlike going for the unproved methods that could have severe side effects on the consumers.

“Of course there are proven records of enlarging a manhood but you would find that these proven methods are either surgical [and] these are cosmetic that we simply don’t have here and so the proven methods have shown to be safe,” Dr Mujajati said.

“However, these concoctions that men have taken such a huge interest in are really worrying and that is why at some point, we had called on the local authorities to put a ban on these adverts, to put a ban on the sale of these products and we will continue to reiterate the call that can we put a ban on the advertising and selling of these creams that talk about increasing the size of the manhood, increasing the [time] in bed, calling them all sorts of funny names.”

He linked high rate of sexual offences in the country to sexual enhancing concoctions.

“You will find that sexual offences are on the increase because people have become overly obsessed with sex and as a result, we are seeing all sorts of problems,” said Dr Mujajati.

“That said, yes there are health risks involved such as kidney diseases, liver problems, manhood problems, sometimes ulceration but over and above, gender based violence is perpetuated by these things.”

During the same programme, some callers stunned the programme presenters when they openly confessed on the benefits of having enhanced manhoods.

The programme presenters had set the tone of condemning enlargement of sexual organs with a number of callers also denouncing the growing trend as immoral and unChristian.
However, three callers shocked the presenters when they openly confessed to having enlarged their sexual organs to the satisfaction and enjoyment of their partners.