Zambians Must Prepare For More Blackouts & Poverty

Zambians Must Prepare For More Blackouts & Poverty.

The Power Crisis in Zambia is something that could have been avoided, but of course a black man will not plan for more than a year. I am just as black and Zambian as you are but sometimes the truth must be spoken. I am not the type to aimlessly support mediocre moves just all in the name of patriotism. It is unfortunate that Zambia, a country I dearly love will continue to suffer because of a few selfish minds. I am not here to point figures at anyone in particular; as a matter of fact I am the one to blame because I didn’t act soon enough to make a change. Change begins with me, and I am willing to drag a few like-minded people with me.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia wants us to believe that Zambia is currently experiencing a power deficit of 560 MW due to the low rainfall experienced during the 2014/2015 rain season and the power deficit has resulted in ZESCO effecting a stringent load shedding regime in order to preserve water in the dams thus avoiding a complete shutdown of the generating plants.

This could be true to some extent but yet again our current predicament is as a result of poor planning and poor thinking. We as Zambians lack ‘Think Tanks’. We are so lazy that most of us wont even finish reading this article. The ability to brainstorm is still far fetched.

One might wonder, where were the so-called meteorologists to read the weather forecast? Don’t tell me our meteorologists can’t predict the estimated Rainfall conditions for the future. If they can’t then we are doomed.

One of the major reasons why Zambia is experiencing little or no rain is due to the emissions being emitted to the atmosphere by the mines. Recently there were cases of water pollution in Zambia and a number of our brothers and sisters died because of the failure of the Environmental Council Of Zambia to do its job and make sure that all mines respect Zambian People’s Health. If Zambia has Rain, it is most likely to be acidic rain because of the toxic substances being released to the atmosphere by Mines. Now imagine Zambia without crops, when poor Zambians can’t even farm? How will we take care of our families if we can’t even farm? How will Zambia’s population manage? We are slowly moving towards the deadline and soon we wont be able to do anything about it but perish like fleas.

This is not just the government’s role; it is every Zambians duty to think of ways of making Zambia better. University graduates where are you? Intellectuals come forth now is the time. Lets brain storm and save Mother Zambia.