Zambians At Risk Of Contracting Elephantiasis

Zambians At Risk Of Contracting Elephantiasis.

Health Minister Dr. Joseph Kasonde said 10 million Zambians are at risk of contracting elephantiasis.

Dr. Kasonde said the mapping that was done by his ministry revealed that the parasites that cause elephantiasis were present in 85 districts. He said Kalabo in western province had the highest percentage of the parasite.

In a ministerial statement on elephantiasis delivered in Parliament yesterday, Dr. Kasonde said the ministry started mass administration of drugs to eradicate and prevent spread of the disease after the mapping was done.

The minister said some districts have passed the target for the people to be treated while other districts are still undergoing the ‘immunization’ process.

He also said Government and cooperating partners started the mass administration of the drugs on 8 June 2015 and will run up to 2 July 2015.

 Zed Corner Compiled Some Easy Applicable Measures To In Order To Prevent The Spread Of Elephantiasis

Wear Shoes: This will cover up your feet and keep mosquitoes away.

Wash hands, feet and body: This will keep your body clean and prevent serious infections. If you are infected and your skin is cleansed, it will do less damage. Whereas, if your skin is dirty, then those chemicals and dirt particles also enlarge the organs.

Apply Ointment: Applying ointment will act like a shield against the microfilariae. Even after you are infected, applying ointment will cleanse the lymph nodes and skin, resulting in faster results.

Wear clothes with lots of coverage: Wearing clothes with lots of coverage will help protect you from mosquito bites. Just like any other mosquito precaution, it will limit the skin exposed, therefore, decreasing the chances of being bitten.

Use bug spray: Again, the main goal is to keep away mosquitos. Using bug spray will ward off any unwanted vectors such as mosquitoes.

Compressive Bandages: Using compressive bandages manages to secrete the lymphatic juice, whereas before, the flow was blocked, causing the swelling.

To sum it all up, anything that will keep mosquitoes away will decrease the chances of being infected. Also, keeping the skin clean and healthy will benefit you in the long run, if you are infected.

Remember, mosquitoes are the vector, so by keeping them away, you are basically preventing the disease all together.