Zambian Top Singer ‘Pilato’ arrested for allegedly Mocking President Edgar Lungu

Pilato arrives at Lusaka Central Police.

Where is the democracy we preach about in Zambia?

Well in shocking recent development Zambian Top Singer ‘Pilato’ has been arrested for allegedly Mocking President Edgar Lungu.

Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato has been detained at Lusaka Central police and has been denied bail.

The controversy erupted over Pilato’s rendition of the 1970’s hit song ‘A Phiri Anabwela’ by Neshil Pinchen Kazembe into the political parody ‘A Lungu Anabwela‘. PF cadres claim this song is a mockery of their acclaimed leader Edgar lungu.

In the track, the Pilato chronicles the rise of a little known politician from the sprawling Lusaka township of Chawama to become Zambia’s President in waiting after the PF’s founding leader Micheal Sata’s death.

In apparent reference to President Lungu, Pilato goes on to mock the recent merger of the vanquished former ruling party the MMD with the PF through numerous by-elections.

Pilato is detained at Lusaka Central Police Station over conduct likely to breach peace charges.

Listen To Pilato’s Song Below.