Zambian Students In Russia Graduate

Zambian Students In Russia Graduate

As the semester reaches a halt, hundreds of Zambians studying in Russia meet their fate as they reach the end of the tunnel as far as their education is concerned.
Across mother Russia emerges young fresh minds with anxiety to develop our beloved Zambia. Fate knows it all.
Joining the band wagon of Job seekers in Zambia is just a mere hinderance to most. As Zambia experiences hardships in various sectors, it is rejuvenating to know that the future brings hope.
To you the Graduates , we salute you. Indeed a job well done. Congratulations!!

Zambia since the 1970s has been on a joint venture with Russia to educate thousands of it’s young aspiring minds. Annually over 100 students are sent to Russia via the Bursaries Committee under the Ministry of Education to attain higher education. Even though Russia is perceived to be a racist place, most Africans since the Soviet Era have had their education in Russia. When asked about Racism, most African students in Russia say it is an issue of the past. “Things have brightened up, of course one has to take precautions, thats just life.”, lamented Masuaso.

Patrice Lumumba is perhaps Russia’s most famous African graduate whose imprint in Russia remains visible as one of Russia’s biggest university is named after him.  The Peoples’ Friendship University Of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba is ranked the third-best university in Russia after Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University.

Zambians are amongst the many African students studying in Russia. It is amazing to know that Russia does not only offer free scholarships to African Countries alone, but to many Asian countries as well.

Russia started offering free education to most developing nations during the cold war. Russia’s stated objective during the height of the cold war was to help developing nations, mainly in Asia, Africa and South America, by the providing higher education and professional training.