Zambian Student Commits Suicide Due To Exam Pressure

Zambian Student Commits Suicide Due To Exam Pressure.

One of Zambia’s highest institution, the University of Zambia (UNZA), has been slowing turning into a mortuary over the past few years with an alarming increase in suicide amongst students.

A University of Zambia Student Radoka Matenga, a second year studying Developmental Studies in the School of Humanities faculty reportedly took his own life using a potent insecticide ‘Doom’.

Radoka’s peers claim he had persistently complained about being ill-prepared for the on coming university end of semester exams however it can not be clarified exactly what prompted his decision to throw away his own life.

Not more than 3 weeks ago, a similar incident occurred at the very same institution. 6th year medical student was found decomposing in his room at Ridgeway Campus.

Could it be the University’s high education standards that constantly put a lot of pressure on the students? The Death rate at the University of Zambia is something high authorities should look into, perhaps we should encourage our youths to talk to psychologists once in a while incase problems arises during their academic years.