Zambian Pupils Becoming Smarter – More Grade 7 Pupils Pass

Zambian Pupils Becoming Smarter – More Grade 7 Pupils Pass

A Total number of 310, 230 out of 344, 516 pupils who sat for grade seven examinations this year have been selected to grade eight, representing a national progression rate of 90.05 percent as compared to 90.02 percent last year.

Minister of General Education John Phiri said of those selected, 155, 878 were boys and 154, 352 were girls bringing a progression rate to 88.35 percent for boys and 91.83 percent for girls.

“For the 34, 286 candidates who were not selected into regular classes, I direct the directorate of distance education and open education to ensure that the unselected candidates are absorbed into the open learning classes and schools for continuity,” Mr. Phiri said.

He said that the national mean score was 611.26 this year as compared to 611.12 in 2014.

Dr. Phiri said that Lusaka (631.39), Copperbelt (619,11), Eastern (614.76) and Southern (611.40) out of the 10 provinces scored above the mean.

Muchinga Province was the least performing province with a mean score of 594.40.

This year a total of 383, 676 candidates entered for the examinations this year as compared to 367, 967 in 2014. The Ministry of Education has been recording an annual increase in candidature of 4 percent sine 2013 due to the infrastructure development programme, which has resulted in expanded classroom spaces.

It has been revealed that the reason for absenteeism for girl is early marriage and teenage pregnancies, while for boys is engagement in household income-generating activities such as cattle herding.

A total of 39, 160 candidates were absent and of these 20, 016 were girls and 19, 144 boys.