Zambian Pastor Turns Water Into Paraffin/Petrol

Zambian Pastor turns water into paraffin/petrol. Call it magic, call it a miracle , call it a stunt but a Prophet from Kitwe, Zambia ‘Dr. Emmanuel Nyirongo’ on the 14th of june, 2015 left the whole entire church in agape as he turned what was observed to be a perfectly sealed mineral water bottle into a flammable substance which could be Paraffin/Petrol . 

Just a few weeks ago another Prophet from Kitwe made headlines after he miraculously turned water into wine.

Kitwe seems to be the home of all miracles now and is it me or all these “Prophets'” can only do water miracles? Whats with the water miracles? Can’t we have a little diversity with these miracles for crying out loud? How about making a few thousand Kwachas rain and give poor people ?

Ok, maybe am a little obnoxious and you can call me crazy but am not just buying into this. As you have clearly seen, this looks like a plotted move and even the church members didn’t fully buy into the act. But thats just me. Judge for yourselves!

Zambia was declared a christian nation in 1991 by second republican president F.T.J Chiluba but since then Zambian hasn’t experienced such miracles in a constant wave of timely happenings.




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