Zambian Man ‘Naked’ Instructed To Kill People By Witch Doctor

Zambian Man ‘Naked’ Instructed To Kill People By Witch Doctor.Zambian Man ‘Naked’ Instructed To Kill People By Witch Doctor

A naked man was driving a car and purposely hit into a bus, belonging to Shalom Bus Services, which was travelling from Lusaka to Livingstone.

People on the bus and the driver of the bus swore that they did not see the car but just heard the impact of the hit.

When the bus stopped, that is the moment they saw the car and a naked man coming out of it. After thorough interrogations, he later opened up and said that he wanted to cause an accident and kill all the passengers as advised by his witchdoctor. He said his doctor advised him that if he killed a number of people at a go, he would become rich and that if he drove naked, he and his car would be invincible.

The incident happened at Makoli School about 20 kilometers from Livingstone on 15th July, during lunch hour. The passengers on the bus searched his car but could not find any clothes in it. He, according to the people on the bus, had some sort of gadget, like an earring (see pic below) attached to a hearing device, which he was using to communicate with his witchdoctor. When they gave him clothes to put on, he declined saying the clothes were suffocating and burning him. He further disclosed that his friend also got rich in the same manner, by killing people.

Police arrived at the scene and took him to the Police Station for further investigations. It was later discovered that the car he was driving, Reg. AJC 9782, had been stolen from a Car Wash in Livingstone.Zambian Man ‘Naked’ Instructed To Kill People By Witch Doctor 2