Zambian Lodges Secretly Recording And Selling Sextapes Of Unsuspecting Couples

Zambian Lodges Secretly Recording And Selling Sextapes Of Unsuspecting Couples.

A former employee of a named Solwezi lodge has revealed shocking information about several lodges in and around Solwezi installing recording cameras in specific rooms to capture unknowing clients making love in the rooms.

Apparently this practice is generating huge sums of money. According to statistics, Porn Industry generates the most revenues as compared to any other businesses. Sadly, Zambian lodge owners are beginning to tap into this business as well.

Speaking to a whistle blower of a named Solwezi lodge in absolute confidentiality, the former employee of a lodging located in Solwezi disclosed that the practice has been going on for some time now.

According to the source, lodge owners are selling the footage to top porn sites at a profit using Chinese nationals as mediums of transit. Sex workers disguised as innocent sweet ladies in Solwezi are now closely working in tandem with specific lodges in order to deliver guaranteed masterpieces.

The source further revealed that Cameras in rooms are being positioned in several locations in order to deliver multiple angle shots. Go pro cameras are now being widely used as they are very small and can go unnoticed when carefully placed in simple but effective places. Ladies who fondly suggest specific rooms in specific lodges are most likely part of the team because for them, a successful recording with diverse quality shots is a bonus.

The source strongly advised clients to deny using rooms with light switches that cannot be turned off. Rooms with exceptionally enhanced lighting should be carefully monitored as they might contain hidden cameras. Lastly, ladies who insist on changing positions and move around in the room during the act of love making maybe deliberately positioning for the best picture in front of the cameras.

The whistle blower revealed that his conscious wouldn’t let him continue working in such an environment as he hails from a firm Christian oriented background. He handed in his resignation letter fortnight ago