Zambian International Airport Runs Out Of Aviation Fuel

Zambian International Airport Runs Out Of Aviation Fuel.

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) in Lusaka, Zambia has been struck by a shortage of aviation fuel, with officials blaming the situation on technical problems that have prevented delivery.

International airlines flying to KKIA have been told to make alternative arrangements to lift aviation fuel from neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and Malawi as a result of aviation fuel shortage in the country.

Airport sources said that flight schedules at the KKIA had been affected. However, they were quick to point out that the problem would be resolved in one week.

Zambia is currently facing a number of shortages in general. Electrical power shortage has been a reason why most Zambian citizens have been furious with the government. Zambia at the moment is experiencing countrywide load shedding. Zambia’s electricity supply Company (ZESCO) maintains that the exercise is necessary due to the low water levels at Kariba Dam, which is Zambia’s biggest Hydroelectric Power Station.

With these recent occurrences, most Zambians have been inclined to believe that the country is being led by visionless men.