Zambian Economy Is Doomed If GRZ Fails To Take Decisions On Mines – Chanda

Zambian Economy Is Doomed If GRZ Fails To Take Decisions On Mines – Chanda.

Outspoken Eric Chanda says the PF government is lying and shouldn’t think Zambians cannot see through their lies and inconsistencies over mine job losses, adding that the economy is doomed if the government fails to take decisions on mines.

Last Tuesday, State House, through special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda , said Mopani Copper Mines had promised President Edgar Lungu a substantial investment in the economy and the mine to make it sustainable and resilient to withstand the shocks in the copper prices.

Chanda also said the job cuts being reported in the media were exaggerated.

However, a few days later, labour minister Fackson Shamenda told the AFP that Glencore, the owners of Mopani Copper Mine, had given the government 60 days’ notice of its intention to lay off workers at the mine.

Shamenda said the ministry was aware of the notification and had directed that the mining company holds negotiations with the union.

Commenting on the inconsistencies in government, Chanda, the 4th Revolution president, said the notification from Swiss mining giant, Glencore, that Mopani Copper Mines will lay off nearly 3 800 jobs had exposed the PF government’s web of lies created to deceive Zambians.

Chanda said the statement from State House on some mining investment promised by Mopani was laughable because it was impossible for a mining company to pledge investment in the midst of low metal prices.

He wondered how the PF government planned to create 5 000 jobs when it could protect over 3 800 Zambians from losing their jobs.