Zambian Churches Are Now Business Entities

Zambian Churches Are Now Business Entities.

Zambia is home to so many Christians and it has the fasted growing number of Christians in the world. Zambia’s Christian population started to explode after 1991 when Fredrick Chiluba declared it a Christian nation.

With a high demand for miracles and healing powers many have taken it upon themselves to stand on the pulpit and carry on the Messiah’s work. Some have taken the word of God in vain and have gone to the extent of using chemistry experiments just to gain new followers.

The Copperbelt province has not been prone to such deeds as it is considered to be the home of miracle deceptions. After the fall of Z.C.CM and many mining companies, the livelihoods of many on the Copperbelt province have been affected hence many have opted to form various worshipping centers as a means of survival.

The faithfulness of the poor is being exploited not just in government but also in the house of the Most High God because in today’s world, people try so hard to be “uncertain” about what they already know for sure. Zambia is a land full of professional scientific miracle performers and faithful miracle seekers. Almost everybody is seeking miracles today in Zambia making miracle performance such a booming business all across Zambia. The Holy Spirit is at work in every corner of Zambia.

Business is all good for the miracle performers because they don’t even pay taxes while miracle seekers continue to pay 10% of their monthly earnings in what is popularly known as “tithe” just so they can retain their beloved title of “Born Again”. Almost every pastor and man of God in Zambia today begins and ends his or her sermon with “sow a seed.”

Church is all about business in Zambia today. Pastors don’t care much about who they kill and they don’t care about who dies. Some even charge fees before prayers and in some cases, the fees are so high that only the rich can afford it and so the trend continues. Some pastors also professionalize in the “holy water” business. They sell holy water to hungry miracle seekers at very high prices.

This is not an article discrediting the value of spreading Christianity. It is just a warning to miracle seekers not to be taken for granted all in the name of deliverance. Remember, the bible says in the last times many shall use my name in vain. Beware of the fake prophets.