Zambian Army Soldier Suicide Attempt Explained

Zambian Army Soldier Suicide Attempt Explained.

A Zambian Army Soldier yesterday shocked the public after he stayed up a mast from 07:00 hrs. to 12:00 hrs. in a bid to meet Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant –General Paul Mihova failure to which, would have costed his life.

Trywell Katupila, a staff sergeant, drew the attention of scores of people after he climbed up a communications mast on Chitukuko Road near Arakan Baracks in Lusaka with intentions of ending his life.

One brave soldier displayed his immaculate skills when he went up the communications mast and retrieved non-cooperative Katupila, who was throwing violent kicks at the brave soldier, lucky enough the courageous soldier manhandled him and safely brought him down to safety without a scratch.

The brave soldier instantly turned into a hero as he was lifted shoulder-high by the cheering crowd.

Katupila was rushed to the army but on his way he promised that that was only his first attempt to end his life and he would be back again to finally end it if his query was not resolved.

After intensive questioning, Staff Sergeant Katupila revealed the revelations that lead him to opt to end his life in such a manner,

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda alluded that Staff Sergeant attempted to commit suicide on claims that he was wrongfully convicted and discharged from the army.

“We have interviewed the victim and identified him as Staff sergeant Trywell Katupila, 44, who was convicted in 2012 and later released in 2014 from Milima Prison in Kasama. Sergeant Katupila was discharged from his duties in the army after he was found in possession of 106 round of ammunition.

He has an appeal case in Supreme Court, which he has complained that it takes too long to come up. He maintains that a scheme was used to plant the offensive weapons in his house by unscrupulous colleagues,” she said.

Sergent Katupila’s suicide attempt was his way to bring light to the injustice in his case and misfortune.