Zambia Ranked As Africa’s Fifteenth Most Internet Connected Country

Zambia Ranked As Africa’s Fifteenth Most Internet Connected Country.

According to, a site run by an international team of developers, researches, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world. Zambia has been ranked as the 15th Internet connected country in Africa with only 2, 313, 013 active online users out of its 15 million population. It is sad to say that only 15% of Zambians have access to Internet.

Africa has always been viewed as a continent that isn’t very connected in terms of Internet speeds and the number of users – compared to other parts of the world. However, the latest statistics say otherwise.

Africa is essentially booming when it comes to becoming a connected continent, statistics revealed by show just how many Africans are currently connected to the Internet. In order to showcase these figures, IT News Africa has compiled a list of the Africa’s Top 20 most connected countries by user numbers.

  1. Nigeria: 67,100,452
  2. Egypt: 40,311,562
  3. South Africa: 24,909,854
  4. Morocco: 20,207,154
  5. Kenya: 16,713,319
  6. Sudan: 9,307,189
  7. Tanzania: 7,590,794
  8. Algeria: 6,669,927
  9. Uganda: 6,523,949
  10. Ghana: 5,171,993
  11. Tunisia: 5,053,704
  12. Angola: 4, 286, 821
  13. Senegal: 3,194,190
  14. Zimbabwe: 2,852,757
  15. Zambia: 2,313,013
  16. Ethiopia: 1,636,099
  17. Cameroon: 1,486,815
  18. Mozambique: 1,467,687
  19. Libya: 1,362,604
  20. Rwanda: 1,110,043