Zambia in the next 50 years- How will your children survive?

Zambia in the next 50 years- How will your children survive?

I am regarded to be that Zambian who says hurtful things yet most of the things I write are true. To the naïve, I am an insensitive self-hating creature but to the open minded, I am a truth-seeking individual.

A random thought popped up as I stared down from the balcony of my apartment. How will my children live in Zambia after 50 years? How will they make ends meet? Will they be proud of what we as a society left them? Or will they be urinating on our graves and cursing us for being selfish parents and grandparents?

As I pondered on these thought-provoking thoughts I couldn’t help it but think of the current situation Zambia is in. All the debts we have and still accumulating, the lack of electricity supply, the shattered economy, the rampant spreading of HIV/AIDS, the plundering of our natural resources and the list goes on. We are heading to the trenches where there is nothing but filth and agony and the path is getting narrower.

My blood pressure seems to be shooting as these terrible realities get into play. O God what have we done? Ok let me be rational, perhaps I should contemplate on the deeds of my fore-fathers, surely me and this generation have something to rejoice about.

Since Zambia gained independence do we have anything to smile about? Sure, we do but is it enough? Absolutely not! The likes of Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Sata did something but it wasn’t enough. In order to be the best we have to compare ourselves to the best. If you compare Zambia to Zimbabwe of course Zambia is doing better but as a sound-minded individual this comparison is for the shallow minded. If you want to really find out how Zambia is doing just compare it to America, Britain, China, Germany, Japan and all the first world countries after all we are all equal so why not compete equally? Lets be honest Zambia is a shitty place and we have shitty leaders who are money laundering scumbags. Chiluba’s name rang a bell. Many Zambians praise Chiluba’s efforts. The privatization of Zambia indeed was a better move as opposed to the Kaunda regime. If only the Privatization of Zambia was implemented by thinkers, Zambia would have benefitted. Chiluba’s vision for Zambia was just as short as his height. The lad’s love for his own pocket was more than that of his people. Thanks to Chiluba Zambians don’t own anything now. All major companies are owned by foreigners who ship most of the profits back to their country while Zambians survive on the crumbs left. Our parents and grandparents failed us, period!

Lets get back to the reality our children and grandchildren are going to face if you and I don’t act now. We must keep it in mind that our mineral resources are wasting assets and they will eventually run out. In the next 50 years Zambia will have less mineral resources and more debts to pay. We will not have as much rainfall therefore our children wont be able to farm. If we will have Rainfall it will be acidic and no crops will grow. Our rivers and lakes will be over polluted and the fish in them will be poisonous. The climate is worsening each day that passes by and the HIV/AIDS levels are forever rising.

Imagine their world, how will they cope? We keep on acquiring debt on their behalf (which they most likely wont be able to pay as well) and we keep destroying the environment they will inherit.

Remember it is our duty to live better conditions for our children’s children therefore I urge each and everyone of us not to depend on the government because they have always failed us. We the Zambian people make the government and we owe our children’s children a better life. Act now and make Zambia better.