Your time in coming, Ngoma tells Lungu

Your time in coming, Ngoma tells Lungu

By Lulumbi Nakazwe

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, the clock is ticking and your time is coming, says Levy Ngoma.

Ngoma, who is former Sinda MMD member of parliament, in an interview yesterday said the bigger war of President Lungu and the PF against Zambians was imminent.

“President Edgar Lungu must know that the clock is ticking. Mr President, your time is coming! Zambians are not docile and they will rise against you and your PF very soon. Stop persecuting innocent people. Allow the media to operate professionally and concentrate on developing this country, which you are mismanaging,” Ngoma said.

He said inasmuch as the PF managed to steal the 2016 general election, it would be difficult for them to win the war between them and the Zambians.

“It is now very clear that the PF and President Lungu and their so-called big stick don’t mean well for this country. For quite some time, they have been deceiving the masses that what is happening to The Post, Fred M’membe in particular, had nothing to do with political persecution, or trying to injure what somebody believes in. They said it had nothing to do with that and that it had more to do with taxes. But what we are seeing is something completely different,” Ngoma said.

“What we are seeing is them trying to squeeze him, squeeze his family so that at the end of the day, they have a lot of space to continue with the loot, the stealing, and corruption, to continue having no proper checks and balances on what they are doing and continue not being criticised. The PF is the worst government that we have ever had in this country. Even the colonial masters were better than the PF. The government that we have under President Lungu is the worst as far as human rights observance is concerned. The violation of human rights, dissenting voices, the media is too much in this country.”

He called on Zambians to stand up and speak against the persecution that Dr M’membe and his family were going through.

“In my language, we say chaona munzako chapita, maba chili pali iwe [what your friend experiences will pass, tomorrow it will be on you]. For the PF and President Lungu, his aim is just to silence people who are criticising him and it should not be condoned in our society. What has M’membe’s wife got to do with the taxes they claim Post owes? The Mast has been on the scene for less than a year and if they have to pay taxes to the Zambia Revenue Authority, I am sure the taxes are not even due. But we are beginning to see that President Lungu wants to silence it also. Why? Because they don’t want to be exposed,” Ngoma said.

“It is so sad that even the church is so quiet. Could it be that they are also on President Lungu’s pay roll? The church is supposed to be the light in the nation. They are supposed to speak out on such matters. The PF have decided to blind themselves and think that they will be in power in perpetuity. No wonder less than six months after elections, they can afford to talk about President Lungu’s eligibility to contest the 2021 elections. To them, everything is about politics. That is why even what is happening to Dr M’membe and the media has got nothing to do with the just application of the law but politics. In their veins, blood it is about politics.”

He said without any shame, when the country was talking about development, load-shedding, unemployment, the PF was busy politicking.

“That is why even in their own PF family, they are busy cannibalising people who have dissenting views. It is a very sad state of affairs. The only thing I can say is that masiku siyakoma yonse. Their day is coming. The clock is ticking! They might think that Zambians are so docile, they can’t rise up but I can assure you, tempers are rising every day, not just emanating from the political persecution we are witnessing in the country but they have also failed to deliver to the Zambians,” Ngoma said.

“People can’t make ends meet under the PF and President Lungu. Corruption has become so rife. Actually, he [President Lungu] confessed that he runs a government that has got a lot of corrupt ministers. And out of all the corrupt ministers he talked about, what did we see? [Chishimba] Kambwili being dragged to the disciplinary committee to answer to a charge of calling somebody a witch! Is that the corruption he was talking about? He also confessed that the agriculture sector has been mishandled; that there is a lot of corruption but what action has he taken? If they think that they are going to silence the masses, it is not going to work.”

He said there were a lot of issues happening in the country, which needed President Lungu’s attention but the Head of State was silent.

Ngoma said President Lungu should be thinking of setting up a tribunal to probe judge Sunday Nkonde’s conduct over the K2.5 million he got from the Tedworth account.

“But what has he done? He has given it a huge silence as if he is not hearing what people are talking about. The clock is ticking and we are not going to fold our hands because it might appear as if they are winning the battle but the bigger war against the Zambian people won’t be easy for them to win. Because they stole the 2016 elections, they don’t want to leave Dr M’membe alone for fear of being exposed by him. They want the stolen election to continue to be covered up,” said Ngoma.