World Vision To Invest $10m In Agro Education

World Vision To Invest $10m In Agro Education.

WORLD Vision Zambia will invest about US$ 10 million in the next five years to educate farmers in smart agriculture and irrigation farming in some parts of the country.

This is aimed at imparting knowledge and skills in farmers which could enable them earn as much as K54,000 annually through agriculture.

The programme dubbed “ Transforming House Resilience in Vulnerable Environments ( THRIVE)” is further aimed at changing the mindset of farmers to consider agriculture as a viable activity to improve incomes and help develop the country.

THRIVE manager Wilfred Mufwambi said in an interview here that the project commenced in October this year in Northern, Muchinga and Eastern provinces and is expected to benefit about 15,000 small- scale farmers.

“ We are focusing on empowering farmers and teaching them smallholder enterprising. We also want communities to be able to withstand any kind of shock by farming God’s way, which entails not being dependent on fertilizer to have good yields,” he said.

Mr Mufwambi said the programme will mainly focus on increasing productivity and conservation farming.

He said this is being done in an effort to supplement Government’s efforts to diversify the economy and grow the agriculture sector as espoused by President Lungu to reduce the country’s dependence on the mining sector.

Mr Mufwambi said the programme may be extended to other parts of the country for more people in rural communities to benefit and better their livelihoods.