Where were they? A case of the little frightened men.

Where were they? A case of the little frightened men.

A wise man once said that evil prevails when good people keep quiet. The recent assault on our party by well known questionable people cannot go without a comment.

Ever since our party the MMD lost elections in 2011, we have passed through a cocktail of trying moments. In 2012, when Mr Rupiah Banda resigned as party president, our then National Secretary, Major. Richard Kachingwe and the National Executive Committee (NEC) decided to call for an Extra-Ordinary Convention to elect a new President who would be empowered and protected by the Party Constitution.

Dr. Nevers Mumba won the elections with 70% of the vote beating his closest rival Hon. Felix Mutati. The Presidency of Dr. Mumba has suffered attacks from the word go. Dr. Mumba has been teargassed, beaten, locked up, insulted, called all sorts of names, kicked and locked up for his love for MMD.

So we are shocked in the words of Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda, by these “Little Frightened Men” who have woken up from the long sleep and misguided themselves and their minions that Dr. Mumba has failed. We are shocked that they can claim that Dr. Mumba has failed when they have never supported his Presidency and the party.

Where were they when our party was de-registered by the Registrar of Societies? Where were they when our Parliamentary seats were petitioned and nullified? Where were they when our members stood in the by-elections in those nullified seats and why didn’t they ever campaign for them?

Where were they when our party vehicles were impounded? Where were they when President Banda was being prosecuted and going to court? We never saw them at the various court hearings. There are so many questions we would love to ask them, but we rest our case.

We shall continue to rally behind a true son of the soil and the party who has put the well-being of MMD before his own. Ifintu ni “Don’t Kutina” all the way with Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba!!

By Mulenga Mofu, MMD Concerned Youth