What Zambians Should Know Before Importing Used Cars From Japan.

What Zambians Should Know Before Importing Used Cars From Japan.

What Zambians Should Know Before Importing Used Cars From Japan.

Nowadays, the amount of Zambians purchasing Japanese used vehicles directly has increased. Generally, a cheap vehicle in good condition can be found via a website managed by a Japanese seller.

Why do most Zambians like to buy used cars from Japan? The reason is simple and persuasive. The cars offer comparatively much better safety features and comfort and as the cars are used therefore they are also much cheaper as compared to new cars. Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan are some big names in the field. The used cars of these and many other companies are imported on a large scale to Zambia.

What are the advantages for a Zambian to buy a Japanese used car and not a new one? Well, you get comfort, luxury and safety within your budget plus you save thousands of dollars by buying a used car and not a new one.
Here are the Top Things Zambians Must Know Before Importing Used Cars From Japan

1.Price. This amount clarifies the total value of the CIF shown on the website plus the necessary costs you will incur after the vehicle has arrived, in order to understand what your total costs will add up to. Terminologies for the Total are as described below.

CIF: Price including FOB, freight and Insurance Cost.

FOB: Cost of Vehicle

Freight: Cost to ship the vehicle from Japan to closest port (Dar es salaam)

Insurance: Cost of warranty to cover risks during shipping of vehicle.

Inspection before shipment: Cost of inspection required from Zambian government.

Costs To Be Paid After The Vehicle Arrives In Zambia.

Customs clearance cost: Cost to make customs clearance of the vehicle at the port or country border.

Transportation Cost: Cost to transport the vehicle from the port to the closest city.

Customs Duties: Duties to be paid to import a vehicle.


Not receiving a vehicle you have paid for is a really big concern for most Zambians, so checking if the seller company is reliable is very important. If you know someone who has purchased from a company, get information from that person. Checking the ‘Customer’s Voice’ on a seller’s site could be a way of reference.

3.Customs Duties

Visit Zambia Revenue Authority’s (Z.R.A) website to verify the import duties for purchasing a vehicle. The payment has to be made before importing the vehicle to Zambia.

4.Inspection Before Shipment

The Zambian government requires JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) before shipment to Zambia. Vehicles that are imported to Zambia minus being inspected are subjected to penalties at the Zambia Bureau Of Standards.

5.Customs Clearance/ Inland Transportation

After the vehicle arrives at the port, it has to be cleared by customs. Usually a clearing agent does this job.

We surely hope this information serves you right and incase you plan to import a vehicle and you still have a couple of questions please feel free to contact us here.