What Sort of Country Is Zambia?

What Sort of Country Is Zambia?
The Zambia Wild life Authority-ZAWA-has failed to do its work regarding protecting the country’s wild life with specific reference to the snake charmer (Motorist) who was found with a snake after hitting a pedestrian in Lusaka.
ZAWA instead of using the law to deal with the culprit the authority has decided to cut deals with the charmer after he told them that the snake would return to him even if ZAWA or anyone confiscated it.
So the man will get a ZAWA certificate of ownership. Amazing our wild life is in wrong hands, I can foresee many people turning up saying the Lion, Buffalo, Hyena, Hippopotamus and Pangolin in their possession is a family property. Maybe its okay that is the only way we can all have a stake in our wildlife?
However, my main preoccupation for today are the numerous reports that have littered our major media outlets that a Chinese owned mining firm, China Mine Limited is threatening the closure of its mining activities in Chingola following a pollution row with government agencies.
The decision by the mining firm to blackmail the agencies is an act of depression on its part especially that the interest of the agencies is to protect the Zambian people. It is therefore imperative that the agencies do not bow down to these empty threats.
Having said that I do not want to pretend that the task will be any easier for the government agencies, we have seen it before that they have scammed to political pressure and ended up backing what is wrong, a case in point is the Kafue steel plant in Kafue.
Most likely the Chinese mine will have it their way especially that government will not at this stage want to see any more job losses caused by issues which it can control.
Therefore such is the mammoth task facing these government agencies and if history is anything to go by i will not be a prophet of doom to say Chingola residents and Zambia in general is on the losing end, our environment and people can be polluted with impunity and the perpetrators tell us in our face that we are making noise by asking them to account for their actions.
What sort of a country are we, what values, principles or beliefs do we stand for or are ready to die for?