WE’RE NOT GIVING UP ON PF… no founder member, including Kambwili, will be chased from the ruling party – Col Chanda

By Mwape Mbwelela

PF member of the central committee Colonel Gerry Chanda says founder members will not give up on their fight to save the ruling party from total collapse despite manoeuvres to hound them out.

Col Chanda, the former Kanyama member of parliament who recently complained against the domination of MMD members in the PF who were “reaping where they did not sow” said Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili and other founder members who were being harassed had not done anything to warrant their removal from the central committee.

PF sources have revealed that party secretary general Davies Mwila has been tasked to remove Kambwili from his position in the party’s central committee and leave him as an ordinary member.

The sources said President Edgar Lungu was bitter that the central committee had gone against his desire on the matter where Kambwili was dragged before the disciplinary committee for allegedly calling Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda a wizard, which was meant to hound him out of the party.

But Col Chanda said such a scheme would not succeed.

“Those schemes cannot work, we shall fight them in the courts of law if need be. It cannot be done on the stroke of the pen, that will work against PF. They think we are going to give up PF lying down! They think that it’s that easy! Those plans are there but can they succeed? That scheme, we saw it a long time ago, but we are not giving up on the fight to save the party from total collapse,” Col Chanda, who is PF chairperson for foreign affairs, said in an interview.

He said the plot to hound out Kambwili, the Roan member of parliament, from the central committee would not be entertained by the true membership of the Patriotic Front.

“The issue of removing Kambwili from central committee so that he does not go to stand at the convention as presidential candidate will not succeed; no one can stop him,” Col Chanda said.

animated gif“He is entitled to it. Even me, I can stand. Let me go and fail on the ballot but not because someone is scared of me to stand, instigating all sorts of things about me so that I become a bad sheep in the party; that is not correct. We are breeding dictatorship at the end of the end. We will not allow it, Kambwili has not committed an offence. You can only take him out of that supreme organ if he has committed an offence. If he commits an offence serious enough to warrant his removal from the central committee, then the matter should be brought to the central committee and that’s where the matter will be decided.”

He said the founder members of the Patriotic Front would take the party to court should any of them be kicked out of the central committee.

“As we stand now, Kambwili is an innocent person and has been vindicated and remains a member of the central committee. No one can remove him for doing nothing; it doesn’t work like that; our constitution is very clear,” Col Chanda said.

He warned that if the mess in the party was not sorted out, there would be no PF to fight for.

“We know the plan; it’s a big scheme. Let not anybody contemplate leaving PF, that includes Kambwili himself, he should never think of leaving. Let’s save this party from total collapse,” said Col Chanda. “And if this thing is not resolved now, there will be no PF to fight for anyway. If we don’t sort out this mess, there will be no PF, it would have kicked itself out and that’s what we would not want to see. What criteria are they going to use to hound him out of the party? The only chance they had was when he was slapped with that charge [calling Chanda a wizard]; that was a plot over that charge but they saw that our reaction was strong against it.”