Water Company Director Arrested For Insulting Lungu & Kambwili

Water Company Director Arrested For Insulting Lungu & Kambwili

Chipata Police have arrested acting Eastern Water and Sewerage Company managing director Basil Mweene for ‘insulting’ President Edgar Lungu, information minister Chishimba Kambwili and Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo.

Mweene is said to have allegedly insulted the Head of State and the two government leaders at Protea Hotel on Thursday night.

An eyewitness said Mweene said he does not give a damn about President Lungu and described Kambwili as “a rubbish, pathetic dunderhead” over tribal remarks attributed to him on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview on January 10.

“What transpired is that this gentleman reported to Protea Hotel with intentions of sipping on some manly beverages, so when he saw the PS, Zambia Co-operative Federation president James Chirwa and others, he requested to greet the PS and introduced himself as being the acting managing director of Eastern Water, that’s how he joined the pack. Now the people who were part of the group started saying Kambwili’s Sunday Interview was good, but Mweene disgraced with them. Mweene said the programme was rubbish [amafi yekayeka]. He said Kambwili was an irresponsible man with a big mouth,” the source revealed.

“After a short while, James Chirwa who was touring the province on hammermill-related programmes started appreciating the choppers because its like he came with a chopper. Chirwa said the choppers were good with good pilots but Mweene chipped in and said the choppers were being abused. Mweene charged that those who came with the choppers are fools and those who sent them, including Kasolo, were all fools. When he was reminded that the choppers came on a government programme and that they were sent by the President, Mweene said, ‘I don’t care. Who is Edgar to me, ata’?”

And Kasolo confirmed Mweene’s arrest in an interview.

Mr. Kasolo said although people were free to belong to any political grouping, freedom did not include insulting the President.