UPND Threat Condemned

UPND Threat Condemned

PATRIOTIC Front ( PF) deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has condemned the statement made by United Party for National Development ( UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema monitored on Hot FM radio in Lusaka yesterday in which he threatened chaos.

Mr Bwalya said the threat by Mr Hichilema that there will be chaos in Zambia if the PF refuses to hand over power after elections next month was uncalled for and unnecessary.

He said Mr Hichilema’s statement wass irresponsible given the background that Zambia has a proven record of smooth transition of power.

Mr Bwalya said even the colonial masters handed over power smoothly when it became clear that the natives wanted to govern themselves.

“ UNIP did the same and MMD smoothly handed over power to PF, and President Lungu is on record promising the Zambian people assuring them that he will not stay in State House a day longer than the people want him to be there,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said President Lungu has made it clear that he will respect the will of the people and it is therefore unnecessary for Mr Hichilema to start threatening violence and Armageddon.

“ What we know is that Mr Hichilema wants to continue inciting his members to cause havoc in Zambia after elections when he loses. He has timed his message after our huge rally in Kasama because he has been saying that he has taken over Northern Province,” he said.

Mr Bwalya urged Zambians to dismiss and condemn the statement with the contempt it deserves.

He said PF is very strong and that Zambians can see that even in areas where it did not enjoy a lot of support, the ruling party has moved and made strides to increase its popularity.

“ We are enjoying a lot of support and we are therefore confident of scooping many parliamentary seats, local government and many more, we are very sure of winning. His business of perpetrating violence is unZambian and must be condemned,” said Mr Bwalya.

And PF deputy chairperson for elections Kelvin Bwalya says it is “ dangerous, bizarre and weird” for Mr Hichilema to ask President Lungu to hand over power to him in the back drop of an election that has not yet been held.

In a terse statement yesterday, Mr Bwalya said Mr Hichilema’s “ careless and dangerous” statements have the ability to negatively excite his sympathises who may take it as an order to fan chaos and anarchy when President Lungu wins next month’s election.

“ President Lungu beat Mr Hichilema clean in the last poll of 2015 that was tightly contested,” Mr Bwalya said.

“ Mr Hichilema has never won an election and there is no indication on the ground that he can change his misfortunes into fortunes any time soon. There is none at all. We beseech Mr Hichilema to tame his tongue and dream his dreams quietly,” Mr Bwalya said.