UPND accuses Lungu of deliberately misinterpreting the law on tenure

UPND accuses Lungu of deliberately misinterpreting the law on tenure
By Lulumbi Nakazwe

UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka says President Edgar Lungu is deliberately misinterpreting the Constitution to suit his selfish agenda.

Reacting to President Lungu’s announcement that he was eligible to stand as PF presidential candidate in 2021, Katuka, in a statement, stated that President Lungu was “an illegal president” who “will not do anything legally” as long as he remained in State House.

“Lungu is deliberately misinterpreting the constitution to suit his selfish agenda. As UPND, we demand that Edgar Lungu resigns with immediate effect for abrogating the Constitution by suggesting to stand in 2021. It is surprising that Edgar Lungu who should be the first one to defend the Constitution is the one setting aside the law by suggesting to go Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame way to defy constitutional provisions on the tenure of office of the president,” Katuka stated.

“We expect Edgar Lungu to understand the law better, being a lawyer. This is not the first time Lungu has misled himself on the Constitution. The other time, Edgar Lungu bragged and misled himself over the illegal stay of ministers in office. After rigging the August 11 elections last year, Edgar Lungu thinks he can bull-doze his way beyond constitutional provisions.”

He stated that President Lungu must consult those that stopped former president Fredrick Chiluba from going for a third term if he wanted to taste the waters.

“If Edgar Lungu wants to attract massive demonstrations, let him try! As a party, we wish to stand with patriotic citizens to stop Edgar Lungu’s scheme to completely kill our democracy by insinuating that he can rule outside the law,” Katuka stated.

“The Constitution is very clear. The term of office for the president is a maximum of two five-year terms. We know that there are a few compromised judges at the Constitutional Court whom Lungu thinks he can use to go the autocratic and unconstitutional way. It is just a matter of time, the law will soon catch up with them.”

He asked all patriotic Zambians to stop President Lungu’s brutal and dictatorial regime from altering the Constitution to their advantage.

Katuka stated that President Lungu’s misplaced position was not only affecting PF members but also the nation because it bordered on the Constitution.