UNZA Honey Player Snatched My Husband

UNZA Honey Player Snatched My Husband

After the University of Zambia (UNZA) Honeys Players pose picture released on Mwebantu New Media went viral a week ago, a daunting amount of news has surfaced about the Feminine league Champions.

Many took to social media to express their disgust at how the UNZA students were dressed. Exposed thighs and cleavage was the theme of the event, some wondered [see reference pictures below].

However, a Lusaka woman has come out bitterly complaining about how one of the girls on the picture has taken over her marriage. In a letter sent to Zed Corner, the woman sought anonymity but wanted to shade light on how these ‘students’ are wrecking homes.

“Zed Corner, I have been happily married to my husband for over 15 years and we have 3 kids. My husband and I lived a happy life until recently when I found out that he has a younger side girl, a student from UNZA.

On several occasions my son’s friends who are at UNZA have spotted my husband entering one of the hostels at UNZA at awkward hours. He has also been spotted picking up a female student from the Honey’s player in his car frequently.

My husband has changed a lot and its like he doesn’t love or find me attractive anymore. He no longer holds me like he used to before. Its like he is disgusted by the very sight of me, he acts as if he has found something or someone better.

Last week when I was going through my husband’s phone and I found sexual pictures of him and one of the girls on the picture Mwebantu uploaded of the Unza Honey’s players. I swear to God that’s the same girl in the phone with my husband.

I feel pity for the girl because my husband and I are HIV Positive so if she doesn’t or didn’t entice him to use a condom when they were having sex then automatically she has contracted the virus too.

These students are our future leaders but the way they conduct themselves is unacceptable. They are bringing about moral decay in our societies; some are even using Kolyokolyo (Husband stealing herbs) to snatch other people’s husbands. They need to be condemned,” wrote the woman.

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