Unsanitary Traits At Cabinet Disgusts Msiska

Unsanitary Traits At Cabinet Disgusts Msiska

Dr. Roland Msiska who is the secretary to the Cabinet says he is disappointed that adults within the confinement of his office premises don’t know how to flush a toilet. He complained that the toilets are filthy and unclean.

Speaking to journalists at Cabinet Office on Friday ahead of the keep Zambia Clean Campaign today.

Dr. Msiska admitted that whenever he passed through the office over weekends, he couldn’t believe what he finds in the toilets.

“Even here, I tell my colleagues to keep these walls clean. I come here during weekends and what I find; I don’t believe that adults are capable of such acts. We don’t need money to keep our surroundings clean,” Dr Misika said.

He also said keeping cities clean did not require money but a change of attitude.

Dr. Msiska said Zambia was capable of keeping its cities clean, just like Singapore and Japan.