Two Zambians Die After Falling Into A Beer Brewing Drum

TWO Petauke residents have died after they fell into a beer brewing drum at a named brewery in the district.

Julius Mwanza and Lemo Tambatamba of Show Grounds area died on Wednesday after they entered the drum in an attempt to clean it and get the remaining beer. According to workers who spoke to journalists as the bodies were brought to Petauke district hospital, Mwanza entered the brewing drum first, and when he did not emerge, Tambatamba followed.

The two men are believed to have been stirred by the conveyer inside the drum. A worker only identified as Harry also entered the drum but was rescued when he shouted for help upon realising that it had hot substances.

Mwanza and Tambatamba died on the way to Petauke District Hospital. Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Patrick Bili could neither confirm nor deny the report.



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