Two Innocent Taxi Drivers Killed By Angry Mob

Two Innocent Taxi Drivers Killed By Angry Mob

TWO TAXI DRIVERS have reportedly been killed at Lumwana East Mukumbi turn junction in North Western Province. They were killed by a mob of people suspecting them of being ritual killers.

It’s alleged that they were hired from Solwezi town and upon dropping their client, they decided to wash their car at one point of a stream nearby.

But their presence at the children’s swimming point raised suspicions which made the children scamper in all direction yelling and screaming “ritual killers, ritual killers”.

The children rushed back to their homes and alarmed the villagers who shortly but swiftly mobilized themselves and beat the taxi drivers to death.

Fellow taxi drivers have identified the murdered men as Mike and Savior who operate from Solwezi Shoprite rank.

Solwezi police have confirmed that the incident took place on Monday 2 May and police further said the taxi drivers’ bodies are lying in Solwezi general hospital mortuary.