Truck Carrying Mosi Crates Gets Looted

Truck Carrying Mosi Crates Gets Looted

A multitude of people yesterday stormed and helped themselves to free alcohol as they looted 384 crates of Mosi beer worth over K45,000 when a Mercedes Benz truck registration number ABJ 3566 belonging to Red Sea dropped some bottles on Lumumba Road in Lusaka.

The truck carrying 18 palates of Mosi only dropped a few crates of beer onto the road but looters, among them motorists and passengers from mini buses wasted no time in ravaging the unbroken contents in no time.

“Please help me, look these people are crazy. I have been trying to call the police but there is no immediate response. I was avoiding hitting into a minibus and a taxi parked on my left side which suddenly cut into my lane,” Mr Nasilele narrated.

Looters swarmed the truck that spilled some crates of beer onto the road and scavenged for contents in two hours in what seemed like a free-for-all beer festival.

“Apatebeta lesa tapafuka chushi,” Saulosi, a beneficiary from the scene giggled.

Lumumba Road was closed for almost two hours, forcing motorists driving to into the city to use alternative routes, as looters took advantage of the poor lads demise.