Zambia takes Tourism in Africa By Storm

Dinner gazing at Batoka Gorge, Zambia.

Zambia takes Tourism in Africa By Storm is a common song being sang literally around the globe. CNN Africa has identified Zambia as one of the most steadily growing tourism destination in Africa. Zambia’s wildlife, culture, climate and adventure are one of the few reasons the tourism industry in Zambia is doing

Blair Underwood holiday in Zambia

Hollywood Star 'Blair Underwood' relaxing in Zambia

Guess who popped up in our beloved landlocked paradise? I know all the Zambian women are going crazy about this. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the Blair Underwood himself is here. Is Blair Underwood having a holiday in Zambia? Yeap!! Hollywood movie star Blair Underwood took to social media to share his

A non African’s travel experience in Africa

Keith (Right) with Kenyan Peres Owino the director of BOUND: Africans vs. African-Americans in Portland, Oregon on 5th March 2015

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm as African as Shaka Zulu, but I do have a great friend of mine named Keith (creator of is like a brother to me. I decided to ask him to do a guest post on what it's like for him traveling in Africa