Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In Zambia

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In Zambia.

Generally, education is known to be wonderful, interesting and above all, costly. It is the very soul of a society and passes from generation to generation. Luckily for families that cant afford to send their kids to prestigious schools, the Government of the Republic of Zambia has offered incentives to carter for everyone so that most of its population can have access to free or affordable education.

Today, we have compiled a list of the most expensive schools in Zambia.

10.Simba International School (Ndola).

9.Rhodes Park School (Lusaka).

8.Lusaka International Community School (Lusaka).

7.Mpelembe Secondary School (Kitwe).

6.Lechwe International School (Kitwe).

5.International School of Lusaka (Lusaka).

Now this is where things get a lot of expensive. Here are the most expensive schools in Zambia.

4.Banani International School (Chisamba): Tuition and Boarding fees (Annual) includes Grade 1-7 (Tuition only) K5,184, Grade 6-7 K29,376, Grade 8 K33,696 and Grade 9-12 K38,880 respectively.

3.Chengelo School (Mkushi): The school fees include Pre School K5400/annum, Primary K 69 900/annum, Secondary K82200/annum and Sixth Form K100 800.

2.Baobab College (Lusaka): The school tuition fees are quoted in dollars and they are as follows: Primary (Year1-Year6) $7,950/annum and Secondary (Year 7- Year 10) $9500/annum.

1.American International School (Lusaka): The following fees are quoted in dollars and they are as follows: Pre-School $7,150/annum, Pre-Kindergarten $10,800/annum, Kindergarten –G5 $16,050/annum, Grades 6-10 $18,150/annum and Grades 11-12 $20,550/annum respectively.