Three Chinese Nationals Involved In Lusaka Robberies Nabbed

Three Chinese Nationals Involved In Lusaka Robberies Nabbed.

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested three Chinese who were found with masks, two pistols, explosives and over K400,000 cash.

And Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri confirmed the arrest of the Chinese in an interview.

According to a source, the three Chinese were arrested after a search at their premises on Lekraf Road in Makeni area.

The trio, believed to be the masterminds of a spate of robberies that have rocked Lusaka, have been detained at Lusaka Central Police Station.

“Police on Tuesday arrested three of the Chinese that live there [in Makeni]; they were found with guns and masks as well as money. These are the guys that are stealing around Lusaka. They are said to be stealing even from their fellow Chinese. It’s good that they were arrested; we keep hearing of Zambians being shot by police yet even the so-called foreign investors are involved in these robberies,” said the source who lives in Makeni area.

And Phiri said investigations into the matter had commenced and details would soon be availed.

“Yes, we are still following some more information. The issue as it is, we have advanced very well. That is what I can say for now,” said Phiri.