There’s so much violence these days – Bishop Phiri

There’s so much violence these days – Bishop Phiri

By Abawelo Zulu

CHIPATA Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri has observed that there is so much violence these days where people go to the extent of killing each other.

In his ash-Wednesday sermon at St Anne’s Cathedral, Bishop Phiri said there was need to reflect on the bad things that people do against each other.

“There are a lot of things that we need to correct in our hearts; that we wrong each other. We hear these days people are killing each other in homes; these are the things we need to change. Violence, these are the things we need to change. If you are a violent person, during this Lenten season, do away with that, if you are promiscuous, why can’t you sacrifice to say ‘for 40 days, I am not going to do it?’ After 40 days you will discover that you permanently change and you will not go back to your old habit,” Bishop Phiri said.

He said people should learn to share with those who do not have.

“Let’s do things that are helpful to others; let’s do the works of
mercy to others. There are people who sleep on empty stomachs, they don’t have anything but others are throwing things. You throw things when your neighbour next door has nothing! The summary of all this is that during this Lenten season, let’s confess our sins, let’s pray and do merciful works. The person who knows exactly what you should do or change during this season is yourself. You know yourself very well,” said Bishop Phiri.