There’s nothing to warrant third term for Lungu, says Mucheleka

There’s nothing to warrant third term for Lungu, says Mucheleka
By Lulumbi Nakazwe
PATRICK Mucheleka says there is nothing to warrant a third term for President Edgar Lungu and any plan to change the constitution to suit his needs will not succeed.
In an interview, Mucheleka, a member of the UPND and former Lubansenshi independent member of parliament, said Zambians would not allow President Lungu to stand in 2021 because he was not eligible.
Last week, tourism minister Charles Banda said President Lungu would be the PF’s presidential candidate in 2021, whether people wanted or not.
Following his statement, a few other party functionaries joined in making endorsements for President Lungu to stand for a third term.
“We know it is President Lungu engineering this third term issue. President Lungu doesn’t learn from history. He will not succeed. I will be very surprised to see members of parliament even from the PF agreeing to amend the Constitution to allow President Lungu to stand in 2021. In Zambia, we have a well-established practice not to allow a sitting president to change the Constitution to suit him. There is nothing to warrant President Lungu to go for a third term,” said Mucheleka.
“It will not even make any sense to vote for the PF in 2021 because the party has lamentably failed, even President Lungu himself has not done anything. By 2021, he will have served his two terms. If anyone is lying to him that he can stand in 2021, he should forget about it. If there are people lying to him that they will amend the Constitution, Zambians won’t allow him.”