The Wickedest Woman In Zambia Imprisoned For 40 Years

The Wickedest Woman In Zambia Imprisoned For 40 Years.

THE Chipata High Court has sentenced a 25-year-old woman of Sinda district in Eastern Province to 40 years imprisonment for trying to murder her friend’s 22-month-old baby.
On January 12, 2016, Veronica Phiri took the baby in the bush where she beat it before covering it with grass and leaves as a way of getting at her friend, Mangiwe Banda, whom she had quarreled with.

Veronica and Mangiwe earlier had a quarrel over how to properly cook beans. Mangiwe told Veronica that, the reason why she had a prosperous marriage was because she knows how to cook various foods and knows how to please her husband.

These words angered Veronica because she was not seeing anybody at the time and she was not even close to ever getting married.

Due to frustration she stole Mangiwe’s 22-month baby and ran away to a nearby bush. She tortured the baby and nearly killed it just because of the quarrel she had with Mangiwe.

But Lusaka-based High Court Judge Florence Lengalenga described the behaviour of Veronica as that of a person who was demon-possessed.