The Post Newspaper Granted Stay By High Court

The Post Newspaper Granted Stay By High Court

The Lusaka High Court yesterday granted The Post Newspaper Ltd a stay of execution, restraining ZRA from threatening the newspaper with closure over unpaid taxes.

High Court Judge Mwiinde Siavwapa said in his ruling that he was inclined to grant the order of stay of execution on the basis that not doing so had the potential of leading to the closure of the newspaper.

He observed that The Post was not fighting against paying its tax obligations but ZRA Commissioner General’s demand that the newspaper pays the outstanding debt at once.

However, Judge Siavwapa said The Post remained duty-bound to continue paying its tax obligation for as long as it remained a going concern.

The Post is appealing against the October 30 judgement which Judge Siavwapa said opened up the newspaper to the ZRA Commissioner General, who demanded payment of its tax obligations in one installment

“Both parties are of one accord insofar as the applicant’s continued liquidation of the due debt is concerned while judicial review proceedings were before court,” Judge Siavwapa said.

He said it was also a fact that if the stay of execution was not granted, distress would be levied on the newspaper’s core assets, which could result in the halting of operations.

Source: The Post