The Fall of Patriotic Front Political Party

The Fall of Patriotic Front Political Party.

A house, which has a weak foundation, is bound to collapse and fall. This is now what is becoming the case for the Patriotic Front (PF) as more and more of the founders of the political party feel more and more sidelined.

Just recently Miles Sampa, an individual who plays a cardinal role in the resigned from his ministerial post as an attempt to show his stance on how things are being run in PF. After his bold move, Zambia has since seen many PF old members speak out on how angered they are on how the party is being run.

The cracks are expanding Lungu, sober up.

And today, PF members have adherently resisted the appointment of Bishop Chomba questioning if there wasn’t any other people within PF.

As reported by Mwebantu, Some Patriotic Front members have expressed displeasure at President Edgar Lungu’s decision to appoint controversial clergy Bishop Edward Chomba as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy.

The appointment, which evidently caught many by surprise stirred up debate with some arguing the ruling party, was not short of people for the Head of State to have settled for Chomba.

“What was the rationale behind the President’s decision to pluck out Chomba and install him as PS ku Energy? With so many options surely?” one noted as he sought anonymity.

As facts stand now, President Lungu is not a team player. Many PF Members are annoyed with his moves and this may cost PF the 2016 presidential elections.

Meanwhile Hakainde Hichilema seems to be gaining popularity countrywide with acclaimed support in the four corners of Zambia.