The Dark side Of Levy Mwanawasa – He looted K838 Billion

The Dark side Of Levy Mwanawasa – He looted K838 Billion

Squeaky-clean Levy Mwanawasa had been exposed by WikiLeaks according to an article published on August 2,2009. WikiLeaks is an international, non-profit, journalist organization, that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources.

This time around, files concerning Levy Mwanawasa’s dubious shady deals had been unearthed.

Many Zambians have been left under the impression that Mwanawasa was a saint who fought day and night to fight corruption, however WikiLeaks thinks or knows otherwise.

A 108 page investigative report to the Zambian Assembly, tittled, PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE: REPORT OF THE AUDITOR – GENERAL ON THE REVIEW OF OPERATIONS OF THE ZAMBIA NATIONAL OIL COMPANY LIMITED.and dated Oct 2005, implicates the late Zambian President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, his associates, and the other members of the government:

  1. A direct theft on the Zambian Government treasury of K838.645 billion, the ZNOC factious debt that Miss Josephine Mapoma, Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of Energy and Water Development certified which debt the Zambian Government resolved to take over,
  2. US$ 36 million value of ZNOC crude oil in TAZAMA Pipelines has not been accounted for
  3. Very soon it will be eleven years since this scheme was executed and by which time US$ 240 million in form of ZNOC profits would have been siphoned out of Zambia through TST and Total Outre mer arrangements.

The report, while submitted to the Assembly (during the term of President Mwanawasa), has not previously been readily available to the public.

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