The Battle lines are drawn

The Battle lines are drawn.

By Daivd Kapoma

We are now within the last ninety (90) days of the first five (5) years of the Patriotic Front in power. In 2011 the PF promised to do miracles within ninety days of the party being in power. We know how that story went and now is the time to look for what comes next.

With the campaigns officially launched, it has become almost clear that the battle lines are drawn. I can however NOT rule out the possibility of a third force that may just come as a shocker, bearing in mind that these are politics and anything can happen anytime. I also know and acknowledge the fact that comedy will not miss this time around as our favourite Alex Muliokela just launched his campaigns for presidency. Such is what makes politics interesting.

History indicates that Zambia has been a pillar of democracy in Africa and yes it is obviously everyone’s hope that our country will continue on that path. We have just entered the days of great suspense and expectations. This is a very sensitive time when those responsible of managing our elections will be accused of raising dust in water. It is the time when those in government will be accused of using national resources to finance their campaigns. The opposition will be accused of being bitter and unreasonable. All these are not new things in the history of this country’s elections. We see the same things happen every time our country is going towards elections.

What is however important at this point is for all those aspiring for different position to realise that they are seeking to serve the people and ensure that they give the citizens a better fight against poverty, create more jobs, and enhance the enjoyment of human rights among other things. I hope that our politicians will tackle these issues during the campaigns and tell us how best they will solve the problems our country is currently faced with. So far I have heard ‘mpaka litente’, ‘Zambia forward’, ‘ifintu ni Lungu’ etc. Maybe due to lack of ‘isukulu’, until now I don’t get the real meaning of such.

I further appeal to all functionaries, the electoral commission, political parties, candidates and personalities to refrain from any act, statements or dissemination of information that may adversely affect the peaceful and orderly conduct of elections on 11th August 2016. It is every citizen’s responsibility to ensure that credible elections are conducted in a conflict free and fair environment. We all have a role to play in ensuring that we sustain the peaceful nature of this country.

This is the time we have to all be careful with how we use our mouths. We only have one Zambia and we therefore must put our interest aside and put the interest of our nation first before anything. We have to remember that beneath the armour of skin, tribe and minds, all of us are amazingly the same. We are one people supporting different ideas. We therefore don’t need to crush and use dreadful idiom on each other, we need to coexist.

Our greatest power as a nation and individuals is not the ability to employ assault weapons, insults and drones to destroy each other. The greater more creative powers with which we may arm ourselves are grace and compassion sufficient enough to love and save each other as country men and women. I wish all those contesting at different levels all the best.

God Bless Zambia.