Tell Zambians the truth about ‘maizegate’, demands UPND

Tell Zambians the truth about ‘maizegate’, demands UPND

By Machelenga Phiri in Chipata

EASTERN Province UPND information secretary Victor Mbuzi says President Edgar Lungu must break the silence and inform Zambians on who is involved in the Malawi maizegate.

And Mbuzi says villages in Malambo Constituency are hit by hunger and the contractor who stole relief maize meant for the area must be arrested.

In an interview in Chipata, Mbuzi said the ‘maizegate’ had brought a lot of speculation hence the need for the Head of State to speak out for people to know the truth over the matter.

He said the Zambian government had kept quiet over the matter for a long time.

“It is surprising that the Zambian government has continued keeping quiet on the serious matter of the maize business which has raised controversy in Malawi so much resulting into Malawian government to act by suspending the agriculture minister in that country while the Zambian side is quiet. Zambians want to know the truth and our President, Edgar Lungu, has not said anything. He must come out in the open to tell the nation the truth on the matter,” Mbuzi said.

He said it was clear that the responsible institution, ADMARC, from Malawi was involved in the purchase of maize while the Food Reserve Agency in Zambia was part of the business.

“President Lungu must explain clearly for Zambians to understand,” Mbuzi said.

He said Zambians deserved to know the truth on the maize exports into Malawi because there was a lot of suspicion.
Mbuzi said since President Lungu claimed to be fighting corruption, he should tell Zambians the truth.

And Mbuzi called for the arrest of the contractor who stole relief maize meant for hunger stricken villagers in Malambo Constituency.

“Now, we want to ask: who signed the contract to transport maize to Malambo? And who is the owner of the company because he has to explain where he took the maize and who signed that the maize has been received?” asked Mbuzi.