Take Advantage Of Business Opportunities, Private Sector Urged

Take Advantage Of Business Opportunities, Private Sector Urged

Ndola MINISTRY of Development Planning director Chola Chabala has called on the private sector to take advantage of the immense business opportunities in the energy sector to flood the local market with energy saving bulbs and gas stoves in view of the power deficit the country is facing.

Mr Chabala said in an interview at the ongoing 52nd Zambia International Trade Fair ( ZITF) in Ndola that the country could save over 80 megawatts of power if citizens migrated to the use of energy saving bulbs and gas stoves.

He said the onus is on the private sector to seize the opportunity of the energy crisis, which has affected a number of sectors of the economy, to invest in renewable energy to supplement Government’s efforts to end load shedding.

He also said climate change is real and it requires innovativeness from the private sector to ensure smooth running of businesses and to sustain their operations.

“ Any calamity provides a business opportunity, so the private sector should seize the opportunity of this power deficit problem to flood the market with energy saving bulbs. They can also reap a lot of profits from solar solutions. We need to be innovative in terms of investments,” Mr Chabala said.

He said investing in alternative sources of energy such as solar could greatly reduce pressure on hydropower.

Mr. Chabala said the unpredictable rainfall the country has continued experiencing is having a negative impact on power generation.

He said there is need for change of approach in the management of businesses on the part of the private sector to keep their businesses afloat.

Mr Chabala said the private sector has a critical role to play in the development of any economy and preventing unnecessary job losses due to power- related problems.