Survival in Zambia now only for the fittest – Chipimo

NATIONAL Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo Junior says survival in Zambia is now only for the fittest.And Chipimo says Zambia has a leadership crisis.

Meanwhile, NAREP national chairperson jimmy Mubambwe says the opposition party will always engage in issue-based politics.Chipimo said Zambians were going through hardships because the current Patriotic Front regime was insensitive to the citizens’ needs.

“Zambia is no longer the way it is supposed to be. There are no jobs and people are struggling to make ends meet. It is survival of the fittest…people are suffering. This is because we have a government in the name of PF which is uncaring to its people,” Chipimo said. “Zambians are going through hardships because the current Patriotic Front regime is insensitive to the citizenry. Zambia has a leadership crisis.”

He implored NAREP youths to be focused if they were to achieve their goals in life.

“Ba youth stand for me and I will stand for you. Stand for mother Zambia; stand for everyone for the betterment of mother Zambia,” said Chipimo who was speaking at the close of the first ever NAREP national youth convention held in Ndola. “You all have what it takes to change this country for the better. You need to be determined and focused if you are to achieve your goals in life.”

And NAREP spokesperson Bwalya Nondo urged youths in the country to take up the political mantle.He said NAREP had embarked on capacity building programmes aimed at bridging the leadership crisis that Zambia was facing.

“NAREP, with the help of well-wishers, is committed to enhancing capacity building in all party structures. We are equipping youths with skills that will make young people in NAREP achieve their objectives. We want the youths to lift the mantle in Zambia’s political arena,” said Nondo.

And Mubambwe urged the youths in NAREP not to engage in political violence.

“The national youth convention and the elections that took place were conducted in a mature and transparent manner. I believe that I now have a youth wing that is equal to the task. But please, do not engage in cadreism. Do not engage in political violence like your colleagues in certain political parties in this country,” said Mubambwe.